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Capturing Solar Asset Performance from Cells to Systems

A Big Change Coming To

Bifacial Design

From solar cell to system, DUET provides new ways of optimizing racking structures and ground albedo to optimize bifacial performance.

Figure of irradiance profiles within an photovoltaic array
Icon of bifacial solar panel

Monofacial and Bifacial System Analysis

Control electricity generation from both sides of the panel, unlike traditional solar panels that only generate electricity from one side.

Icon of solar panel tracking system

Single-axis tracked system support

Ability to control the position of the panels relative to the sun on a single axis tracking system

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Time Varying Albedo Impact Analysis

Monitor the status of each panel in real time. This will help to detect system faults in time, knowing the exact location of the failure.

A new standard for bifacial system design, planning and modelling

DUET Designer is an open-access cloud based application enabling solar designers & engineer to optimize bifacial solar assets in minutes not days. Enurgen is working towards establishing new standards for bifacial performance analysis and software standards for the utility-scale solar industry. We have made our software open-access to collaborate with the solar community to establish trust and remove uncertainty in bifacial design.

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Our DUET Software Engine

Enables Industry Disruption

Figure of irradiance profiles within a photovoltaic array


Know Your Bifacial Resource From Front to Back

DUal-sided Energy Tracer is a bifacial PV performance model that calculates optical and electrical performance based on a physically representative array geometry.

DUET’s novel shading algorithm pairs a 3D view factor model with deterministic ray-object intersections to capture shade-inclusive irradiance profiles while minimizing computational cost. Series and parallel combination of current–voltage curves capture irradiance non-uniformity throughout the module, string, and array.

Irradiance profile of rear facing solar panel

DUET unlocks new capabilities for solar designers & engineers to optimize system performance like never before.

Irradiance profiles of many photovoltaic arrays
Icon for bifacial panels

Dual-sided Energy Tracer (DUET)

Our DUET software allows full design of a bifacial utility-scale solar system.

Icon of 3d view factor

3D view factor with complex shading

We combine the computational efficiency of 3D VF modelling and deterministic ray-object intersections for enhanced racking shading capabilities.

Icon of bifacial panel side profile

Monofacial & bifacial energy yield

Our custom algorithm excels at bifacial solar systems in addition to monofacial solar panels - with no derate factors.

Icon of tilting panel

Fixed-tilt, single, and dual-axis tracking

Choose your system: untracked fixed-tilt to dual-axis tracking capabilities.

Icon of ray tracing

Array geometry impact

See how your array geometry, including complex racking shading, impacts your energy yield.

Icon of wind beacon

Meteorology & geographical analysis

Visualize differences in meteorology datasets and batch test to find the best fit.

Icon of cells within a module

Individual cell to system analysis

Build a model with cell to system granularity for optimized design and planning.

Icon of direct irradiance

Direct & ground-reflected irradiance

Include the impact of direct and ground-reflected irradiance with our time-varying albedo capabilities.

Icon of sun and moon

Time-varying environmental conditions

See how your system will perform over the course of a year, with no averaged environmental conditions.

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