Solar & software is what we do.

Enurgen's mission is to develop software to help accelerate the global transition to a renewable and sustainable energy future. Our solutions provide end-to-end asset management of utility-scale solar plants, all enabled by our DUET software engine.


The software that became DUET is born in the SUNLAB solar research group as the answer to a lack of bifacial energy yield models in the industry.


The software that became DUET is first used in a conference proceeding and publication at the 44th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference to demonstrate the optimization of a bifacial PV system modeled in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


Enurgen spins-out from the SUNLAB solar research group at the University of Ottawa to commercialize our DUET software and make bifacial energy modeling accessible to industry professionals.

Q2 2023

DUET Designer is launched as Enurgen's first product. Our design and planning app allows users to build hyperrealistic energy production models to 99+% accuracy to physical assets.

Our team

Kibby Pollak

CEO, Co-Founder

Christopher E. Valdivia

Co-Founder & CTO

RJ Obhi

Head of Business Development & Marketing

Elias Hussary

VP Engineering & Product

Karin Hinzer

Co-Founder & President

Henry Schriemer

Co-Founder, Head of Research & Secretary

Sam Shi

Senior Full Stack Developer

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