Ontario clean-tech startup ignites pre-seed round by securing funding with lead investor 2048 Ventures

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Published: 6/6/2023

Updated: 6/8/2023

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Enurgen is an Ontario-based deep, clean-tech software startup with a mission to help accelerate the global transition to a net-zero energy future. Their core software engine has been in works for seven years to provide hyperrealistic modeling of bifacial solar photovoltaic systems. The successful commission and operation of utility-scale plants all starts with a realistic energy production model, and Enurgen’s physics-based approach builds one to 99+% accuracy. 

Enurgen is ecstatic to work with leading pre-seed round investor 2048 Ventures to build the operating platform for utility-scale solar assets. With their support, Enurgen is diving straight into product development and market validation. 

More About Enurgen

Solar plants are being installed at an exponential rate to accommodate increasing demand for stable energy and a global push towards green electrification. With 80%+ of utility-scale solar systems using bifacial modules, accurate bifacial modeling is crucial for optimized performance. Enurgen’s advanced modelling capabilities can represent bifacial systems with 99+% accuracy to help mitigate the current 7-13% underperformance of the average utility-scale plant, providing a clear vision and reduced investment risk for asset owners.

Enurgen was born from DUET (DUal-sided Energy Tracer), a cell-to-system level bifacial modeling software that has been under development for the past seven years within the SUNLAB research group at the University of Ottawa. Enurgen consists of co-founders Kibby Pollak, CEO; Dr. Christopher Valdivia, CTO; Professor Karin Hinzer, President of Enurgen and Founder of SUNLAB; and Professor Henry Schriemer, Head of Research, Secretary, and Associate Director of SUNLAB. Most recent additions to the team are Elias Hussary, VP Engineering, and RJ Obhi, Head of Business Development & Marketing. 

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